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Our Story & Who we are

Our Story & Who we are

 Today is America was founded in May 2020 by Camron and Liam Rafizadeh. Two brothers from Charlotte, North Carolina that saw the potential of growing conservative accounts on TikTok and had the idea of turning them into a community to strengthen the conservative movement in Gen Z. Originally, the Rafizadeh brothers started TIA as an LLC but had realized the true potential of their idea after the rapid growth over a few months and transitioned it into a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization to educate the youth of America and spread the conservative movement.


Leveraging their marketing and branding experience, they brought it to the political world by creating Today is America. Today is America acts as the backbone for young Genz and Millennial content creators across all social media platforms. Quickly growing from the 2 founders to now the almost 200 members, ambassadors, and representatives that make up the organization. Their core business team is made up of 12-20 individuals being friends and other ambassadors or representatives in the organization that want more than just creating content. 



 The Today is America team is built from Liam and Cam Rafizadeh, including their long high school friend and founding member, Nick Garberina. Liam, Nick, and Cam are constantly on FaceTime and zoom calls everyday with the other business team members and content creators of the organization. With more people stepping up every day the team conitnually expands bigger and bigger!


Our Sub-Brands under Today is America are our unique way of reaching different demographics. With huge Success

D.C Freedom Tour X TIA 2020
D.C Freedom Tour X TIA 2020
Taylor - TIA Ambassador
Galen - TRG
D.C Freedom Tour X TIA 2020
D.C Freedom Tour X TIA 2020
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